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- Life

♥ ♥ ♥
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Good Morning Everyone, Sorry for not updating blog for sooooooo long.. well, y'know i can't deny that i'm missing you this MUCH!? where were you when i seriously needed you? oh well, its ok. besides you're one who wanted to be this way..

- change the topic, alright... I'm awake early in the morning, i dont know why?-.- must meet bestfriend then off to meet big sis later, OMG! I'm still sleepy ok?! haiyaaaaaa ~ macam mane eh? nevermind its ok, i'm off to bed back now.... i loveyou! byeeee! 

Hi people ♥
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Hi! I'm Done changing my blogskin, update tomorrow! currently with my Babygirl here
" Zierah Vampe  " Bye, iloveyou! Mwaaah! ;3

when bored comes to life ~
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Im so sorry for not updating blog for a long time, well. internet sudah mati liao kat rumah -.- hahahah! Oh! &  Alhamdulillah, i can move on now without him adek.  y'know what adek? you always with me whenever i need you. you never failed to make me smile, i seriously thanks god for letting me to have a small sister like you. i'd never regret to have you as my sister 

And as for you!, 

IF Only you read this, then good for you. Thank you for being with me although it didn't reach to our 1monthsary, i appreciate what you did to me when we're together in the past. You teach me how not to give up in the things that i wanted the most & other's, and guess what i wanted the most? its you, only you bear. but to bad, you've move on to fast Ex-boyfriend. But im ok with it, although it takes 3+months to forget you. i'm still gonna try my best to let you go from my heart'Mind. you're the best Ex-boyfriend, i dont regret knowing you. but im so sorry for Unfriend you from my Facebook & Tagged. Cause i know that, if i dont UNDFRIEND you? i would stalk you everytime. And i know that you wont like it right? so yeah! all i just wanna say is, be happy & smile always alright? Oh! And i did read one of your post, you miss someone to love you but to bad no one wants you. Hahahahais ~ All i can say is Once you get that Special Lady in you're life, dont stop loving her & show her that you're OneInAMillion Ex-boyfriend i know you can :D till here then, With Love; Nurul'Atthykha :)

you me? lol! -'-
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You think you're good in playing this game?
remember, someone is more better playing this game
then you Baby xx

The fuck up moment!
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Good Morning Blogger ,

Sorry for not updating blogger for a few days/weeks? LOL!. erm, im trying my best here to let him go bit by bit & on the same time im trying to forget him too. im seriously trying my best... but you know, the moment when you are trying your best to let someone that you love the most go. but then one of your friend irritate you by asking you why you break with him, why you love him more then your friend? you know the feeling of WHATTHEFUCK?! yes, that is truuuuuuuuly feeling that im having now. & thanks to him i cried again -.- why cant you just see me happy for once? why cant you?! hmmph! :'( its ok, this is what called life. Life is always unfair, so yeaaaaaaaah! i must face it no matter what :') i missss beaaaar! OMG! hmmph! oh whatever, i give up. no use if i love & wait for him if he didnt feel what i feel right now :'( so yeah! yuyun, move on. * IF YOU CAN * hmmph, till here then. Muack 

#Every15th always im my mind :') Muhd Talip Bin Ajman Ali xx

May God Bless you, Every15th :')
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I Just wanted you to know that i love you, sorry for making you stress this few weeks. im just scared of losing you, the moment when my Family treat you like their own brother in law/son in law? i was to happy to hear from dad & sis that they ask me to bring you to meet them. but then, we broke off... i guess i was to happy huh? all i wanted is just to make them to have a trust on you cause, when i started to love you. i promise to myself infront of you, that you may not be the first, but you will be the last. all i just wanted is you back from my life.. i may not be perfect like her, but i just wanna tell you that you just the perfect one for me, so yeah! im just gonna say that im sorry for what i have done towards you. im here just trying to stay strong, but whatever it is, all i need is you to be happy with her now alright? may god bless you <3.

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You, me. together like this? aaaaaaawh!

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